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It is Wajib (compulsory) to recite the Takbeer e Tashreeq (once only) after every Fardh Salaah (Audibly for men and inaudibly for women).
Starting at Fajr of 9th Dhū al-Ḥijjah and ends at ʿAṣr on 13th of Dhū al-Ḥijjah performed with Jamaat or individually. One may recite after ʿEīd salah as well.
Forwarded from Amjad M Mohammed
السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته
All praises are to Allāh for removing this calamity and we are able to pray in our masajids as normal.
Over the years we at Wifaqul Ulamā have received many requests from cities and towns for masjids/musallas that are local to them and are offering tarawih and eidayn salahs according to our criteria. Hence we have set a group for that very purpose.

If you wish to join then please send a message to me with the following

Your name
The masjid/musalla you represent
Your role in masjid/musalla

Mufti Amjad Mohammed
@markazulifta or any other member of Wifaqul Ulamā
*University Student Fees*

Some of our young adults decide to take the steps of higher education in order to prepare themselves for their futures. Now we know this is not the only way as there are numerous other routes like apprenticeships, trade skills or direct employment. However this is not the place to discuss the merits of further education but rather the ability to do so should one choose. A Muslim due to the student loans either has to miss out on further education, pay for it themselves or justify to their consciences that it is permissible to take out the loan.

This should not be the case as it isn’t for others who wish to attend University. In fact this is a form of indirect discrimination.

The government has stated in the last past that it would develop a system that would meet the religious needs of Muslims but have unfortunately not acted.

There are a number of matters we can engage in:

1. As a community develop a sharīʿ-compliant financial system for students that avoids the usurious loan system - see an example below.

2. Write to your MP - Copy the text of this letter: and send to your MP at

Whether you or your children decide to go to university is a personal choice, but there are 1000s of Muslim students in universities most likely borrowed student loans - let’s offer a ḥalāl alternative for those that do decide to go.

Mufti Amjad Mohammed

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